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Tokiso TKay Nthebe

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Mookho Raselimo

Mookho Raselimo, Lesotho

Approximately a year ago, you acquainted me with the principles of budgeting and saving. Within a half-year timeframe, I successfully accumulated LSL20,000 in savings. Currently, I'm eagerly anticipating the culmination of a full year's efforts, which will yield a sum of LSL30,000. My gratitude for your guidance is heartfelt. As the new year unfolds, I'm determined to channel my savings towards the creation of an investment portfolio.


Paballo Mokoqo, Lesotho

During the beginning of 2018, I contacted Tokiso while developing my yearly plan, my confidence dampened by financial limitations. Tokiso's simplified strategy rendered my goals attainable, elucidating the financial aspects and fundraising approaches. As a result of our session, I acquired a comprehensive budget and plan that materialized my 2018 vision, bolstering my planning confidence. His role as a responsible collaborator, open to sharing his journey, remains genuinely motivating.


Sello Ramokanate, Lesotho

I wanted to convey my appreciation for your assistance in improving financial health and broadening income streams. Your guidance brought about substantial positive shifts in 2020 and continues to influence my decisions in 2021. Your transformative content motivated me to initiate an investment account, explore property development, break free from detrimental financial habits, and emphasize savings. Your impactful efforts are truly recognized and commendable. Keep up the excellent work!

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